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Hyde Park

Regulations & legislation

Park regulations are a set of rules designed to help us balance the needs of different park visitors and look after the parks.

Provisions relating to Parliament Square

There are restrictions on the use of camping equipment and amplified noise equipment in areas managed by The Royal Parks in the vicinity of Parliament, namely:

  • Canning Green
  • Victoria Tower Gardens
  • the garden surrounding the Jewel Tower (which includes an enclosed area managed by English Heritage)
  • the lawn around the King George V Memorial.

All these areas are covered by the Royal Parks and Other Open Spaces Regulations 1997 (as amended). The regulations also require people to have written permission to, among other things, make or give a public speech or address. Other legislation including the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 (as amended) also apply in the vicinity of Parliament.

For further information on the controls around Parliament, including the areas we manage, please see the Home Office's Guidance on the provisions relating to Parliament Square and the areas  surrounding the Palace of Westminster.

For Canning Green, where slightly different controls apply, please see the Notice for Canning Green leaflet.

The Royal Parks' publications and policies

We have a number of official publications and policies which are designed to ensure the smooth running of the parks. Park policies are covered by the regulations above.

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