Adults on a Guided walk in Kensington Gardens
Kensington Gardens

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The Royal Parks are a treasure-trove of learning opportunities. 

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Dozens of different natural habitats, each home to its own collection of native flora and fauna, provide some of the best opportunities to learn about the natural world in the heart of London.  

The Royal Parks are also dotted with hundreds of historic buildings, statues and monuments, each giving fascinating insight into the city’s heritage. 

Learning should be a lifelong joy and we’re proud to provide many different ways for adults of all ages to learn about what interests you in the parks. 

Guided walking tours

Discover the hidden secrets of London’s historic green spaces on a Royal Parks walking tour.

Our monthly walking tours let you experience the Royal Parks from a whole new perspective - you'll learn more, see more, discover more and experience more than you ever thought possible.

Go behind the scenes  in the Hyde Park’s Pet Cemetery or come and meet Hyde Park’s native bats during a wonderful chance to walk in the park at night. If history is more your thing, discover the important role that Hyde Park played in the World Wars or visit the site that inspired J.M. Barrie to write the famous Peter Pan stories.

Our walking tours last from one to two hours, covering approximately 1.5 miles, with plenty of time to stop and take in the beautiful surroundings of London’s magical Royal Parks.

We offer two free spaces for people on a low income. For more information on eligibility and how to book please contact us using the form here below or call us on 0300 061 2255. 

Adults on a Night Walk in The Green Park

Upcoming walking tours

Check our upcoming events page for details of tours coming up in the next couple of months.

What other walkers say:

"I loved the interesting pieces of information on how trees/the environment have adapted and the relationships of the insect and bird species."

"I enjoyed all of it! The fascinating information about Peter Pan and J.M. Barrie."

Online tour

In 1851 the Great Exhibition opened in London. Queen Victoria’s husband Prince Albert envisioned a display of the wonders of the age, the new machines and products created by Britain, its empire and from around the world. There truly had been nothing like it before.   

There are two ways to make the journey:

Head to the south side of Hyde Park and download the free augmented reality app on your smartphone to recreate the Crystal Palace around you. Discover the scale and scope of the original building and the treasures within.

If you can’t visit the park or simply want to explore from where you are, you can take the Great Exhibition virtual tour via the link below, including views of the upper floor and additional facts. 

Crystal Palace interior in Hyde Park

Talks and events

HNT (Help Nature Thrive) events are Nature Days (events run occasionally through the year which have a mixture of adult and family activities – there is often an opportunity to do planting in the parks during these days as well as short guided walks).

In the colder months, our “Winter Warmer” online talks will inspire you with behind the scenes stories of the parks and expert insights into their nature and heritage. 

Tree planting community event in Richmond Park

Workshops and courses

Immerse yourself in the park and meet like-minded people with our courses and workshops exploring the diverse environments and history of the Royal Parks. Examples include creative writing courses inspired by the parks, winter wreath making and natural history courses.

Help Nature Thrive workshops: Citizen Science opportunities (Dung Beetle Surveys, Spawn Spotting), Allotment Masterclasses and Nature Art Workshops. 

Citizen Science Dung Beetle survey workshop in Hyde Park

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